How do Automatic Watches Work- The Complete Guide

Have you ever thought, How do your automatic watches work? You may feel interested to know how an automatic watch powers its movements. Automatic watches are popular with people of all generations. Automatic watches are stunning because of their features. Its working process is also unique and impressive. 

However, today we will discuss the working process of automated watches. The old and new working process of an automatic watch has huge differences. Let’s get into the depth of the topic.

How do Automatic Watches Work: A Brief Story 

How do Automatic Watches Work

We all see automatic watches but can’t understand how those work. Their working process is quite different from others. Automatic watches use a rotor or metal weight to power the timepiece. They are the best watch for flight attendant. 

These watches notice the movement of your wrist every single time. Its rotor begins to spin with that. The spinning form converts into energy and winds the mainspring automatically. 

The power starts to be stored in the mainspring, and it works. In a word, the mainspring gathers power from our daily movements; this is how they work. 

Should the user wear the watch all the time? You may ask the question. The answer will be “no”. If you don’t like to wear it all the time, I shouldn’t. You don’t have to always wind the watch to power the internal mechanism. 

This was needed for the old principles. Today, it becomes a self-winding watch. You need to wear it only to provide energy.

Key Components of Automatic Watch Movements 

Here are some critical components that make the watch alive. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Mainspring 

The essential thing in an automatic watch is the mainspring. It stored more and more power and got tighter—the mainspring store power for later use. 

  • Crown 

The crown is the name of the part of an automatic watch. It is placed on the side of a watch. This looks like a tiny wheel. It enables the watch to run. The watch will work when you turn the crown on.

  • Gear train

All the power is stored in the mainspring, and that energy passes through the gear train. It is a small series of internal gears which makes the watch hands another part face move.

  • Balanced wheel

It is an internal component that beats in a circular motion—the wheel beats per seconds five to ten times.

  • Dial Train

It is another part of the gear train. This is almost similar to the gear train. According to the hand’s movement, the dial train transfers the power from the balanced wheel into the watch hands. 

  • Jewels

Jewels is a synthetic rubber. It is put in the middle of the gear for keeping it in continuous motion.

  • Rotor

The rotor is a vital part of an automatic watch and looks like a half-circle. It is a metal weight. When the wearer moves their wrist, the rotor is also moving. It takes power to the mainspring.

The process to Measure the Quality Automatic Watch

Some important metrics specify the quality of automated watches. You should know how to check it out. Let’s have a look:

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy is a must in an automatic watch. Maintaining time is very important in all sectors. Thus, you must be sure that your automated watch ensures the right time. You can check for the best watches for nurses.

  1. BHP 

It refers to beats or ticks and per hour. Most of the time, the watchmaker use HZ. The watches which have high beat have a faster ticking movement.

  1. Power Reserve

These watches can reserve power for up to 42 hours. After that, you will need to charge it again. As the timing can vary from watch to watch, you should check it out.

  1. Complications

Complications mean the watch doesn’t use for knowing about the time only. Those watches may say many things. Such as calendar date, moon spaces, power Reserve indicators and so on.

  1. Materials 

The back part of the watch is made of glass to see its movement. Those watches are made with inferior materials. Branded watches use the highest quality materials for accuracy and reliability.

 Maintenance process of an automatic watch  

The lasting time of an automatic watch depends on its quality. Even some can be alive for decades. However, you can not forget to take extra care of it.

The best way to care of your automatic watch is to wear it regularly. Then, if you want, you can dry clean the watch. Before that, you will have to know how to remove watch strap without tool.

This is because you can’t use any tool for cleaning the watch. If you keep winding the watch, it will be enough. It will work continuously well if you have worn it regularly. 

If the watch stops working sometimes, keep shaking the watch until it works like before. Try to keep the watch dry and clean as much as possible. Give professional service after every three to five years to make it look beautiful and running. 


How long does automatic watches last?

How long will your automatic watches last if it depends on the user? If you use it every day, it will last up to 40-50 hours. Some watches last longer, but they will be expensive. 

Do automatic watches need a battery?

Automatic means self-working, and automatic watches mean self-winding. The most impressive thing about the watch is you don’t need any battery for using it. It will automatically start working if you wear it on your wrist and move your wrist. 

Will an automatic watch stop working if not worn?

It can stop working if you don’t wear it regularly because it gets power from shaking your wrist. The automatic watch depends on two specific things: self-winding and manual winding. Without wear, it will stop working. 

Bottom line 

There are two kinds of people, one who like to wear an automatic watch and another who doesn’t. But you will get many benefits from using this watch. It required no battery. It works on its own. This watch works so smoothly.

All the features of an automatic watch are so good. You don’t have to take extra care and waste your money on its maintenance. Hopefully, you will get something important after reading this article on how do automatic watches work.

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