How Long Does A Watch Battery Last?

Normally, a brand new quartz watch with basic time and date functionality battery may last up to 14-16 months. However, the replacement batteries last between one and two years.

There have some reasons when your battery doesn’t last a long time.

The watches with different functions that include alarms, chronograph/stopwatches, LED displays, etc will damage your battery power faster than other analog timepieces.

As well as the running chronograph can drain the battery up to 40% faster, So be careful about it. Also the age of your watch, corrosion and water damage will influence to reduce battery life.

You do not know before purchase a new watch that how long the watch was been stored to the retailer or manufacturer. The older watch has tried to slow the movement down by degrading the lubricants inside.


How will I know when to change the battery in my watch?

When you will need to change your watch battery, you can understand this to look at the movements of your watch.

Many watches will show you some symptoms when power is low. You may notice that your watch is no longer tell you correctly time or maybe the second hand will skip or jump a few seconds in one go. It may be stopped working.

The meaning of any of these signs is indicating that the watch required a battery replacement immediately. At that time you maybe try to prevent that happening but you need to change the battery first.

We suggest you that please do not use a battery in a watch for long years. An old battery can severely damage your watch, it may occur inside the watch when acids leak out.

How long will my replacement battery last?

How long the replacement battery lasts it depends on the quality of the battery. Typically a replacement battery lasts up to 18 months without contact water or any other chemical. It also greatly affected the quality of the battery brand and how long the battery has been stored before fitting.

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Why Does My Watch Battery Keep Dying?

Why Does My Watch Battery Keep Dying

The common reason for your watch stop working is your battery is dead. There are different brands of watches available in the market with many designs and features. But not all watches equipped with a good battery.

But a watch battery normally lasts a minimum of 2 years. After the time over it may show you the symptom of dying. So few factors are affecting the life of your battery.

There have some common reasons for dying your watch battery. Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working:

  • Here are some important factors that affect the life of your battery:
  • The size of the battery.
  • If you own a digital watch like an apple watch or other GMT watch, it may consume the highest power of the battery.
  • What and How many functions have in your watch.
  • How long you use it a day.
  • Chronograph function will cause the battery life to decrease rapidly.
  • If your watch been in extreme temperatures for a long period of time

How Long Does the Apple Watch Battery Last?

Battery life will vary by depending on the use of the watch. How long time you use the watch in a day. According to Apple, the first-generation Apple Watch battery will last up to 18 hours a day. But a huge amount of uses in a day can reduce the battery life from the 18 hours.

Bottom Line

The life of a watch battery not only depends on the quality, brand, and age of the watch but also depends on its functions and how often it is used. There are various types of functions includes in the watches like chronographs, it consumed a high amount of power, as well as alarms, lights.

The faster the battery will drain if the more these functions are used. Due to the high power consumption, some manufacturer has equipped their watches with an extra battery. carefully finds those watches and has equipped this site. We expect your valuable suggestions and comments to improve our blog.

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