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Getting the moisture inside your watch is a common matter. It can easily happen just for any reason. Read below article about how does condensation or moisture get into your watch and how to get the moisture out of a watch? You will learn more important information here and will stay aware of potential hazards.


When moisture gets into your GPS watch then you definitely need to maintain it carefully. If it remains inside the watch, it may corrode the inner components and that causes a drastic effect on the timekeeping accuracy of the watch, and finally watch will be fully damaged.


Not every watch are designed and equipped to prevent this issue but there are some simple step and tips that can quite effectively remove moisture from your watch and you don’t require extensive expertise to follow this.




How to Remove Moisture from Inside your Watch?

There are some simple ways to get the moisture out of a watch. If you follow one of these methods then you can effectively remove the moisture from your watch.

  • Put the watch under the sun or lamp by pulling out the crown.
  • Keep your watch for two days in a closed container that are filled with uncooked rice, salt, cat litter, or silica gel.
  • If possible then remove the back case and put it under the sun or lamp.
  • You can use the hairdryer to dry the watch on the lowest setting.
  • Take the watch to a watch repairer.



How does Condensation or Moisture Get into your Watch?

To get the Condensation or Moisture Get into your Watch doesn’t necessarily have it in the water, sometimes a very warm environment or a very cold environment can be enough for condensation to occur.


When you get inside in a heated room or walking in cold weather or stay in an air-conditioned room, your watch may get moisture.


Because, when you get touched the cold air then the moisture in the air is released and condensation forms. The heat and cold cause the case to expand and contract and giving the opportunity to the moisture get into through the cracks.


Some of the field watch or mechanical watch offers the best waterproof feature.


As well as when you take your watch into a hot shower that also can potentially cause moisture in the watch. While some people get confused about the water-resistant feature of their watch.


Many watches provide the water-resistant feature but it doesn’t mean that this is waterproof. Some military watches provide the best waterproof features.


Also, if you used a watch that has no water-resistant features and no waterproof feature, then if the watch gets into the water or it accidentally touched by the water then this watch gets moisture quickly.


As well as if you swim with your watch that is not suitable for underwater use and not water-resistant then it gets condensation or will damage.



Can water damage Apple Watch Be Fixed?

Can water damage Apple Watch Be FixedAn apple watch can be damaged by the water. If you sure that it has water damage then it can be fixed. But you need to take a quick step to fix it.


You must disassemble it quickly and clean it by using at least 91% isopropyl alcohol. Scrub it well with a toothbrush. It is very tough to repair and it will be better if you take the apple watch to the repairer.



What do I do if my Apple watch has water damage?

When you feel some water on your wrist you should clean it quickly. If your Apple Watch has water damage then follow those steps to is it.

  • Swipe the watch bottom and face,
  • Open Control Center,
  • Tap Water Lock,
  • Then turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen
  • Then clear the water from the speaker.


What happens if Apple watch gets wet?

If you forget to water lock then it causes waterlogged. It will damage your apple watch. If suddenly and unexpectedly you didn’t have a chance to enable Water Lock of your apple watch then you may get it wet.


Do not panic, as soon as possible enables water to lock through the control center, and then unlock your watch. It will allow you to clear out any water inside the speaker.



Final Words

When water gets into your watch that can lead to long-term difficulties, don’t panic and as soon as possible clean it yourself. If it doesn’t work then you must to the watch repairer to repair it.


So before purchasing a watch for you makes sure that it has a heavy water-resistant feature. A durable watch not only features water-resistant but also it will stay with you in any tough situation.


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