How To Wear Watch and Bracelet Together? [Make Your Own Style]

A timepiece is not only for the track of the time, but it is also an important part of your fashion accessories like your rings and earrings. A luxury and quality timepiece will serve you a rich look. A wristwatch is a great thing to invest in to increase your personality. It is a statement-making fashion item that can expose you and make you confident.

Many people love to wear a bracelet on the wrist. It also one of the important parts of your latest fashion. It makes your wrist looking beautiful and also increases your fashion. Some people wear bracelets in their right wrist while some wear left wrist.

How To Wear Watch and Bracelet Together

This is not the main problem, the major problem is, men basically wear a wristwatch in his left and also love to wear the bracelets the same wrist. Also, most of the women wear their watch in the right hand and also love to wear the bracelets on the same hand. While sometimes it may differ.

So, many people get confused to wear watches and bracelets together in one wrist. Because sometime it will irritate to wearing watches and bracelets together. But if you know the right way to wear a watch and bracelet together then it will be easy for you.

Today you will learn about how to wear a watch and bracelets together. Yes, you can wear a watch and bracelet together. A well-designed luxury watch with matching bracelet is now a fashion.

It will serve you a rich outlook. People now prefer to wear a watch and bracelets together as a symbol of rich status. Below are some guidelines about how to create a stylish and sophisticated look to wearing a watch and bracelets together.


Type of Watch

At first, you should look which types of watches you have or which types of watches you like to buy. Types of the watch will decide which types of bracelets do you need to wear together. Or you can also buy a quality watch by matching your luxury bracelets. In this point, you need to consider a minimum of 3 aspects

  • Watch Strap
  • Strap and case color
  • Materials of the watch

If you have a metal watch or if you like to wear a metal watch then you must be wearing a metal bracelet with it. Choosing the same metal as the watch is the best.

Everything will seem to more easily if you accessorize this way. So, before choosing the bracelet you must consider your watch strap material and color. Because if you wear a gmt watch under $500 and the color of your bracelet is silver then it will be matching.

Blend The Color of The Watch With The Bracelet

This is not a quality fashion if you wear a watch and a bracelet with a different color. Match the color of your bracelet with your wristwatch is a meaning full fashion. Make sure the color of your watch harmonizes well with the bracelet. It is very important.

Try to find the matching color and metal for the bracelet to match with the watch. It will give you a natural look. After all, a small color can create a big impact. While there are also many ways to matching the watch and bracelet together on your wrist.

You can choose only one color to accentuate a vibrant and minimal look or can use monochromatic color or varying tones. Try to find shades that go well together in a strategic way. You can use a timepiece that allows you to easily change the strap.

So that you can make a variety of collections of the straps and change it by depending on your need. You can mix and match your watch with bracelets easily, and creating a different look of the wrist.

It will save your money by preventing buying new watches or bracelets. Also, pairing the contrast color of both watches and bracelets can give you a more dramatic look.

Make a Good Collection of Bracelets

If you are a bracelet lover and frequently change your fashion then it will be better if you have a wide range collection of bracelets. That can match with your watch.

Different constructions of watches are available such as a metal case watch with metal, leather, rubber, or nylon strap, such as Timex watches, Seiko watch, Fossil watch, Invicta watch. Heavy plastic constructed watches with rubber wrists such as a digital watch, smartwatch, and more. Make a good collection of bracelets that can match with your watch.

Size and Amount of Bracelets

The amount of bracelets is another most important concern. It is always an important question that how many bracelets should you wear at one time with your watch? If your bracelet has volume, pairing just one bracelet that accents and supplements with your watch.

It should be a perfect fit on your wrist and watch. But if the bracelet is thin then you can add more smaller-sized and fitted bracelets on the same wrist. There are no rules about the right number of bracelets but should be the main attraction of your wrist.

It is very important to look at the size of the bracelet while wearing bracelets and watches together. So, make certain that these multiple thin bracelets won’t overcome the watch. Multiple bracelets are great to wear with a thin look watch for both men and women. But if your watch is a little much bigger then try to avoid wearing multiple bracelets.

Remember that, bracelets are not only the center of attraction, your watch also can tell your personality. So, wear a bracelet to complement the watch.

Choose a Glaring Timepiece

Watch is the most functional wrist accessory. It is very useful and important. While bracelets are made up in order to enlarge the whole gear that includes the watch. So, when you decide to pair with watches and bracelets then try to choose a glaring German watch that can match with any bracelets and any dresses.

Choose a metal bracelet for any formal occasion because you need to look smart and sharp there. It is very easy to mix and match for a casual look. While only watches can suit the most for formal gatherings sleek.

Final Words

The above points are just to make you perfect to choose the perfect match for your watch and bracelets. You already learned here how to wear a watch and bracelet together. Now, which types of bracelets you will wear and how amounts of bracelets you will wear, it totally depends on your tasteful mentality and creativity.

Layout all of the collections of your watches and bracelets together in a table and separate the perfect matching. We wish our suggestion will inspire you to make great collections of watches and bracelets.

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