Which Hand Do Watches Go On?

A watch will describe your personality. It will be perfect when you wear the watch on the perfect wrist. There have rules on how to wear a watch. Normally men wear the watch in the left hand and women wear the right hand. But most people wear watches on their left hand.


Left or Right Wrist? Men vs. Women?

Where does the watch go on the right hand or left hand?

You may think about it too much and finally, you may take the common decision that is, if you are men then right hand and if you are a woman then left hand. Or will trying to make a difference to wear the watch different hand.

We have the simplest answer, you do most of your job in your prevalent or dominant hand. So if you wear the watch on it, then it may damage while you working. Then you should wear the watch in your non-prevalent or non-dominant hand.

So, if you are right handy then your non-dominant hand is your left and if you are left handy then your non-dominant hand is right hand. Well, you may now understand that which hand is perfect to wear the watch.

On which hand should a woman wear a watch?

You may hear that men always wear their watch on the left hand and women wear the watch on the right hand. But it is not necessary. A watch can be worn in any hand.

What arm does a watch go on for a male?

It is better if you do not wear the watch in your dominant hand. There are 89% of the male are wear the watch in their left hand. But if you are left-handed then you should be wearing the watch in your right hand because it is your non-dominant hand. It is also good to wear the watch on the right hand.

Is it OK to wear a watch on the right hand?

Yes, wearing the watch on the right hand is quite good. Most people wear the watch in their lefty hand. To wear the watch on the left hand is common because it is their non-dominant hand. There have no rules to wear the watch right hand or left hand. It totally depends on you and your style.

How tight should a watch be?

The rules are that you should wear the watch a minimum of 1 inch up your wrist. So that you can freely move your wrist. It must comfortably attach to your hand with the buckle.  If it is too tight then your wrist leaving an angry red mark or an imprint.

Why You Should Wear A Watch?

Why You Should Wear A Watch

The reason for wearing the watch is not only viewing the time but also its have many other specialties and functionality.

Today the old technology is no longer used to make watches. There are many features comes with the watch by using modern technology. It not only tells you the time but also it can now tell you more about your expectations.

For example, a pilot watch can tell you about the weather, It will show you Digital Compass to know about the direction, it can measure the temperature,  dual time zone, a pilot can alert to the ATC of the landing information by easily calculate the time zone with this timepiece, alarm, stopwatch, and many other features.

A GMT watches also well decorative watch with useful features and styling. It is a very much popular watch for the traveler. One of the main features of the GMT watches is it will show you the dual time zone. That means it can track two different time zones at a time.

Also, there have many different functionalities watches available in the market. We have a good collection of different categories of watches under your budget. Visit our site to get the best collection of branded watches.

Bottom Line

Which Hand Do Watches Go On? Left or Right Wrist? Men vs. Women? It became a reflex action to wearing a watch on the left hand. Did you ever think about it why? It is not a rule. Normally it doesn’t knock your mind because wearing the watches in the left hand has become a habit and we are used to it.

But it also has exceptions. Some people love to wear watches in their right hands. Though the man normally wears the watch on the left and women normally wear them in the right hand. It is not the main thing, the main things are to find out the perfect watch that can fulfill your requirements and increase your personality.

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